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Image by Elliott Matthews

Hello, I 'm Kate

I wrote terrible holiday diaries as a child, which my husband gets me to read out loud for our entertainment

I’ve always loved writing but didn’t make the time while the children were growing up. In 2018 I enrolled on courses, attended webinars and conferences, and joined writing groups.

Head shot of Author Kate Baker

I have written two novels, although the first is pushed firmly to the back of a drawer The second - a story about falling in love with the wrong person; set in New York and Ireland in 1911/12 - was published on 28 Feb 2023, with the help of the people at THE BOOK GUILD!

I write when I’m not cleaning and repairing horse rugs or doing the farm accounts. Man of the Woods, my farming husband of twenty-seven years (and usually to be found with a chainsaw and surrounded by logs) is one of my biggest supporters.


While I'm planning another novel, I also write short stories and was delighted that Fairlight Books wanted to publish 'The Projectionist', which you can read for free here!

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