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Finding an old friend

Hi there,

How’s you this fine April morning? April night really, as it’s 02:25 as I type during one of my regular insomnia sessions. While somewhat irritating that I’m not asleep and recharging my batteries, I do find these night-time vigils useful patches of time during which achievements can be made in other areas of life.

Last night I watched two episodes of A Gentleman in Moscow which renewed my appreciation of Ewan McGregor. But tonight I’ve filled and started the washing machine, the dishwasher and then began an online search for a copy of a past edition of People’s Friend magazine. A ‘Special’ in fact, number 256 from Feb just past, in which another story of mine was printed.

A tale I’d written and called The Foster Child a year or so ago, was purchased by the team last autumn. I’d evidently not been as careful as I thought, scouring each week the newsagent’s shelves. However, my allocated (and wonderful) editor at PF kindly sent me the pdf yesterday which shows what it would have looked like, and I will happily share it with you! It’s a little over 900 words, so just right to accompany your morning coffee.

The titles of all three shorts I’ve had printed in the magazine so far have changed, so please enjoy what became known as ‘Holding On To You’

And now I bid you good night and hope you are gently snoring in the land of dreams!

Lots of love



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